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Nashville. Dreams Come True. Day One.

Nashville.  It was “my” place.  My destination vacation dream.  Then, in 2019, when my husband was retiring in 2020 and he warned me, “DO NOT PLAN ANY PARTIES FOR HIM.” I promised I would NOT PLAN ANY PARTIES FOR HIM.  He had told me once something like that, I didn’t listen, and boy was he…

Americas Shift to Decay of the Individual

1951:The Claims of Sociology by Albert Hoyt Hobbs I’d discovered Dr. Albert Hobbs when I was searching for Sociologists/Authors who were Conservative or Independent.Jonathan Haidt , author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, published in 2012, claims to have discovered that Conservatives are under-represented in the field of…

Distracting You To Death

Contrary to popular belief, everything doesn’t happen for a reason, but you have the power to find a positive purpose in everything that happens. In every mess – there is a message. “If you know what the tricks are, you can play your cards right.” Our world today is filled with comforts and conveniences, a…

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