The goal of Sorry Bob is to help you get clued, not screwed. To make you aware of Things That Wreck You: Hidden Toxic influences. These things that wreck you are designed to distract you from living up to your full potential, divert your power and energy to those toxic influencers, and keep you in an endless cycle of breakdown.

Sorry Bob will explain how to recognize toxic influence and how to outwit the manipulators and exploiters (I call these horrible people “Masters of Disaster”) and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

About “Sorry Bob.” My dad’s name was Bob, though his family lovingly referred to him as “Joke” because he was always making people laugh. 

My dad died far too young (age 50) after being diagnosed with ALS at age 48. 

My dad tried to instill values and ethics in me, however, he had no idea the influence culture would have on me.  (he was a child of the 50’s/60’s’s and I was a child of the 70’s/80’s).  

I’m very sorry I didn’t listen more to my dad! I wish I would have listened less to Madonna and Cosmopolitan magazine which promoted the idea that virtue was for prudes and having no morals was “liberating.” 
It was a confusing time to grow up, and if I could live it all over again, I’d listen to my dad. 

Other than that, I picked the website name because Bob is a classic name, and SorryBob.Com is easy to remember!

My dad would be relieved to know that I finally GET what he was trying to tell me. 

We are all worthy of happiness. 
Happiness comes from freedom. Freedom comes from Courage, and Courage comes from believing in yourself (see how that circle works?)
Exploiters are replacing our backbones with wishbones and selling salvation in order to dis-empower us and create a culture of dependency and division.   

My dad believed in individual freedom.
He didn’t live long enough to see the power of the internet (the pros and the cons). I  believe we live in the most powerful time in history where we can be HEARD and not HERD. If utilized correctly, the internet can empower us. 
I believe people who dare to care about freedom, about authentic happiness, about each other will wake up, stand up, speak up and expose what I call “Masters Of Disaster” – their goal is to divide and distract us and decay our values.  

Seven Things I’ve Learned
       1. Apathy limits opportunity for the individual and creates power for opportunists. Awareness and action limits the opportunists.
       2. Knowledge is power. 
       3. Actions speak louder than words
       4. Keep It Simple – unless you want to confuse and dis-empower people, then make it as complicated as possible.
       5. The Only Free Cheese is in A Mousetrap
        6. You teach people how to treat you.
        7  Happiness, Not Helplessness.