Distracting You To Death

Contrary to popular belief, everything doesn’t happen for a reason, but you have the power to find a positive purpose in everything that happens.

In every mess – there is a message.

“If you know what the tricks are, you can play your cards right.”

Our world today is filled with comforts and conveniences, a world of constant celebrations, vast improvements, and immense freedom.
Yet, despite all those positive things, people are unhappier more than ever. People are popping pharmaceutical pills, holistic pills, getting high, drinking, Netflix binging, reading countless books, over-exercising, and of course, posting pictures of their food to social media (I’ve done all these things at one time or another) to escape their pain, boredom, or frustration.
We are losing our optimistic confidence, our character, our courage, our individuality, our independence, our voice because we are being dumbed down, fattened up, and overly distracted.
Most of us are constantly looking outside of ourselves for answers – falling for every self-help book, every scientific study, every new disease, every latest gadget promising an easier life, a better life, better sex, better house, better kids, better body – and promising shortcuts to arrive at those things faster.

Our world is also filled with people who claim they are experts, organizations and corporations, that, on the surface, seem compassionate, but peel back a layer and you’ll discover they have become obsessed with superiority, rather than significance and making a real difference.

These people and groups are hijacking our happiness by promising they will either rescue us from the difficulties of life, help us escape our problems, give us more status, or better yet, superiority.
America was created on the foundations of independence and significance; to escape a life of dependency and “superior” rule.

Genuine happiness is found by striving to be significant and significance comes from honorable consistent character; courage to face life instead of escape it; overcoming obstacles with a creative optimistic attitude, accepting nature’s defeats with dignity, and constantly striving for individual improvement and positive purpose.

Our freedom and independence is quietly disappearing and we’ve become too distracted, conditioned, cowardly, and confused, to notice.

When we start losing the very things that make us significant, we give up our power. When we give up our power, we give up our personal purpose, our personal calling, our dreams. And when our dreams die, our optimism is gone and happiness belongs to those we’ve handed our power to.

Here’s the awesome thing: at any point, you can re-claim your happiness. You can start over any day, any moment. But here’s the catch – you have to consistently work at it, practice it, be aware, be courageous. This will explain what no other self-help, motivational book has; it will explain how we arrived at a place in time when we trust everyone but ourselves; it will expose the tools, tricks, and people that undermine your search for meaning and success, and it will explain how we can reclaim our happiness, restore our character, and return to our search for significance.